Friday, February 13, 2015

The world's first pay-with-load service for the App Store and iTunes is launched by Smart

There was a time when the only way you could buy from the App Store and iTunes was with a credit card. Not anymore. Today, Smart announced that they were launching the world's first pay-with-load service. Yes, it is the first one in the world where Smart subscribers can now use their prepaid load or have their postpaid bill charged for stuff they buy on both sites.

Dubbed "Pay-With-Mobile", this new service eliminates the need for a credit card. A Smart subscriber can now have access to paid content and even make in-app purchases through the App Store (Philippines only) and iTunes. Just imagine the impact of this on many Smart subscribers who had smartphones but didn't have a credit card.

Pay-With-Mobile is the latest in Smart's digital solutions, after introducing other solutions like Pasaload, Smartnet, etc.

Here's how it works.

1. Register by texting REG to 4949. You will receive your very own Pay-With-Mobile number and other pertinent account details. You will receive a confirmation text.

Confirmation text

Remember these details. You'll need them in Step 2.

2. On your Apple device, go to Settings-iTunes & App Store. Choose "Payment Information", then "Mastercard". Input the details sent to you (see Step 1), then click "Done".

This is where you input the details sent to you (see Step 1)
Once the card number is associated with your Apple account, you can start purchasing apps, games, movies and music on your phone as well as make in-app purchases. With each successful transaction, subscribers get an SMS notification to inform them of the purchase.

IMPORTANT: Every transaction using Pay-With-Mobile has a 15% convenience fee tacked on top of the App Store or iTunes published price. This includes the 12% value-added tax (VAT) and foreign exchange rate difference in dollars.

The Pay-With-Mobile service will begin rolling out on February 16 but due to the expected volume of subscribers availing of this, full availability will be by February 18.

To learn more about Pay-With-Mobile, go to

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