Friday, March 21, 2014

Evernote updates its iOS app with more features

Hurry and update your iOS device to the latest version of Evernote because you would not want to miss out on its newest features.

(screenshot from Evernote's website)

Here's all that Evernote can currently do.

(screenshot from Evernote's website)

In its latest iOS update, version 7.3.2, released today, March 21, 2014, users will notice the following new features:

Presentation Mode updates - You can now view and play audio, video and office docs in Presentation Mode. Web links from notes can also be opened without exiting Presentation Mode

Business card improvements - Now you can save a business card to your contacts by using the Evernote camera. Just point it to the business card in good light, click, and the information is immediately digitized into the different contact fields quite accurately. You may edit the fields before saving the file and it syncs straight away with your contacts. Right after scanning you may also request to connect to that contact on LinkedIn. This feature also improves handling of names and phone numbers.

Other improvements - Performance was improved, word wrap was added when adding text annotation to images and PDPs. A Notebooks screen allows you to create and find notebooks more easily. Multiple photos can be selected and added to a note in the image chooser.

Watch this video to see how Evernote handles the digitization of business cards.

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