Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Samsung NX300 Camera Makes You Shoot Fast, Share Faster

Much as I love the digicam I have, my beef with it can be summarized in 2 ways: one, it lacks the ability to immediately share my shots on my social network sites and two, the lens will always have a distance disadvantage which makes me unable to zoom in without compromising clarity.

Recently, Samsung introduced the Samsung NX300 smart camera - a great solution to just such a dilemma for social media people like me. This is a DSLR camera in a digital camera body. With its WIFI connectivity as well as an NFC (near field communication) feature, sharing on social networking sites is as easy as Point-Shoot-Share. And like a DSLR, it has interchangeable lenses!

Front view

Side view

Top view

Interchangeable lenses

Things to love about the Samsung NX300 smart camera

Blazing fast shutter speed - Can you imagine how fast is 1/6000 seconds? That is the shutter speed of the Samsung NX300. With that speed and at 8.6 frames per second, you can capture action without the blurry effect one from fast-action movement that you'd get from most regular cameras.

DSLR resolution - At 20.3 megapixels you are as close to DSLR resolution as you can get - without the weight of the DSLR. I think it's really getting the best of both worlds.

WIFI connectivity - This is a +1 for me. As long as I am connected to a wifi network, I can shoot and immediately share to Facebook, YouTube and Picasa. This is now possible because I have a pocket WIFI with me all the time.

NFC sharing - Via the Autoshare feature of the Samsung Smart Camera app which is downloadable on AppStore, photos can also be shared or transferred to a tablet or smartphone. All one needs to do is activate the NFC feature of the NX300 and the tablet or smartphone to which you want to transfer photos.

AMOLED display screen with tilt feature - 3.3" AMOLED touch screen is exactly the same kind of screen found on Samsung smartphones so if you have a Samsung phone (I have TWO!), you know that means great clarity. And taking high- and low-angle shots is no longer a problem. Just a flip of the lens and you get the right angle.

Interchangeable lens - This is what brings the DSLR advantage to the digital camera -- the fact that you can interchange lenses, including a 50-200 lens for those up-close moments.

If you are still wondering just how clear shots can be with the Samsung NX300, check out some of the shots taken by a professional photographer of the camera's 3 lifestyle ambassadors: Noy Jopson (Iron Man 7.3 Philippine record holder), Nikko Welgas (national record holder in Olympic Distance) and Monica Torres (4-time Filipina Elite champion in Iron Man 7.3).

Noy Jopson - Amazing how he is caught midair but without any blurry action at all

Nikko Welgas - Note how both foreground and background details are so clear 
Monica Torres - The blades of grass are so clear and act as great foreground for Monica

While it is still too early to predict that DSLRs will become a thing of the past with better resolution and wifi-capable cameras such as the Samsung NX300, I can say that just looking at the power it already packs into its lightweight, sleek body, it is definitely giving DSLRs a run for the money.

The Samsung NX300 retails at PhP 36,990.

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