Saturday, January 25, 2014

Happy 30th Birthday, Mac!

It's 30 years of Mac! Happy birthday, Mac!!!

Apple's official website has this image plastered all over its homepage to celebrate 30 years of Apple innovation.

In the 80s I was working on a Masters degree in one of the universities on the East side of the U.S. We had case projects that involved using the school's mainframe computers but one day, a Pinoy classmate of ours announced that he had bought an Apple IIe. And it was in his room! It looked just like a toy computer considering that we had never really seen a personal computer, let alone touch one.

My first encounter with a Macintosh though was years later in the firm I worked for. Part of our audit and consulting work involved report production. The company purchased several Macintosh computers and we worked with a software called PageMaker from Adobe. Macintosh was way, way ahead of its time then when Windows commands were very clunky and involved equation-like instructions. The Macintosh had a beautiful graphical user interface, the first time we ever saw point-and-click icons and commands you didn't have to memorize. Just point to a command icon and click.

My very first Mac was the 2008 aluminum body. I named him MAX. Max was with me for 5 years and served me well. After 4 years, I had to replace the battery, then souped it up from 2GB to 5GB memory. But he was too heavy to lug around my blogger events and I was looking to buy a much lighter one.

In 2013, I bought my first Macbook Air which I now call MAXINE. Maxine is so much lighter and can easily be brought around. I am able to put up my mobile office anywhere with her along.

What happened to Max? He is still up and about, with my son now, and is almost as good as ever. He should still be good for a few more years before retirement.

Enjoy all the information Apple has put out about the history of the Mac.

Watch the 30-year timeline of the Mac here.

Share your first Mac here.

Get an Easter egg discovered on the Apple site by Greg Barbosa. He discovered a font collection of penciled drawings of Macs from 30 years ago to now. You can't use it as a regular font though. It needs to be copied and pasted. Greg makes this tweet though cautioning users on its use:

Click here to download the beautiful font collection of penciled drawings of the Mac evolution here (good only while download link is up).

Penciled drawings of the Mac throughout its 30-year timeline (an Easter egg hidden by Apple)

Watch the video of the 30-year evolution below.

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