Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Smart launches its Flexibundles for Postpaid Plans

Smart postpaid subscribers have now been given even greater flexibility by the introduction of Flexibundles - a newly launched offer that allows subscribers to customize monthly plans and manage their usage and budget.

All active postpaid plans of Smart can use Flexibundles (Smart All-in Plans, Unlimited Data Plans, iPhone Plans, Unli Postpaid, Plan 349, Freedom Plan, and the Family Circle Plans). The different promos, referred to as buckets can be subscribed to via an SMS syntax.

There are buckets for unlimited call and SMS combos, tri-net or all-net buckets, and volume-based data plans. All in all there are over 20 bundles to choose from. Mind you, these are not  fixed at all. Every month, you can pick and choose, mix and match the buckets you need for the month. All you need to do to subscribe is to text the code of your Flexibundle bucket. If you're All-in, the buckets you choose are part of and charged within your consumable amount; for other plans, the buckets are charged on top of the monthly service fee (MSF).

Before registering to any bundles and to get an idea of the savings you get as well as the expected amount you will be paying based on your choices, click HERE to go to the Flexibundles page with a Plan Calculator. Follow these steps:

1. Choose your plan - Click on the bubble representing your plan (All-in, iPhone, Unli Data, Unli Postpaid, Freedom, Family Circle).

2. Choose your flexibundles - click on the buckets you like and see how they add up on the righthand box, together with the corresponding savings.

3. Choose your phone - click on the handset of your choice

4. View package summary - review your choices. Not satisfied or want to change some buckets? Start over and select a new combination of buckets.

I'm on a Freedom Plan which had been designed with buckets. From the looks of it, Flexibundles makes all the other postpaid plans almost mimic what Freedom Plan subscribers already get. The only real disappointment I have now though is that the daily and weekly unlisurf buckets I had long been requesting for Freedom are available via Flexibundles except for Freedom and All-in Plans. Smart does say that this is in the works so I really hope it happens in the near future.

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