Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Wanted by Google: a Pokemon Master!

This has got to be the most fun and best time-waster April Fools Day idea from Google.

This morning, I saw some tweets talking about a new YouTube video from Google so I followed the link. Check it out here.

As it turns out, Google's April Fools video was not just an entertaining video.  There is an actual game embedded inside Google Maps that lets you scan the world looking for, and capturing, Pokemon!

Pokemon has captured my family's heart, including mine. I remember when the kids were still very small, we collected Pokemon rubber figures and up to now I have that collection (we almost completed them all). We had Pokemon books, Pokemon PC games, Pokemon cards, and Pokemon McDonald's Happy Meal collections. The kids' room was plastered with Pokemon posters as we tried to collect them all. And now, the lovable Pokemon are being resurrected by Google through this around-the-world hunt. I think Google really caught the Pokemon fever of everyone, young and old, including ME!

Here's are screencaps of Pokemon that I caught around Paris, France as well as a view of my Pokedex (I just came home from a day out with a friend so I've only caught 8 Pokemon so far!). You'll need to visit famous places around the world to find them. Some Pokemon repeat themselves so it is a bit hard to find them all in one sitting.

Your own Pokedex keeps score of how many you've caught. Find 150 Pokemon!

Each Pokemon caught has its own short description. Really cool!
And look, here's one I caught lurking around Taal Volcano in the Philippines!

Everyone has until April 2, 2:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) to play this game. That is 5 PM Philippine Time (PHT).

So if you've got time to be unproductive (because I can assure you once you start playing, you'll be hooked), go ahead. Open Google Maps. You'll see a bar on top that says "Start". Press that and you'll be in the game.

Good luck and stay tuned to find out who Google will declare the ultimate POKEMON MASTER!

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