Sunday, February 9, 2014

WeChat 5.1 is here with more games and features

WeChat, one of the top 3 searched apps in the Philippines, recently introduced us to their app version 5.1 and they come with more games, enhanced features that support both iOS and Android platforms, expanded group messaging and customized photos that are shareable.

First, the games...

1. Gunz Dash

This is one of WeChat's pioneering games. Players choose their favorite heroes and whether in solo or multiplayer mode, they zip through worlds collecting coins. This reminds me of the Mario Bros. game during my time. Was never good at it though. I'd stress out easily, haha.

2. 2 Day's Match

Okay this is more like MY kind of game. It's a puzzle game where you match two tiles of the same kind. Clear them all and you work your way to winning the crown. This one can also be played on solo or multiplayer mode.

3. Craz3 Match

While like 2 Day's Match, this is a bit more complicated as players match cute animals in groups of threes, trying to eliminate them. Players can boost their scores with magical items such as Quick Hint, Shark, Time Reverse, Unlock and Level Up.

Now for the other features...

Expanded Group Chat

In the older WeChat version, you can chat in a group up to a maximum of 40 users. This time, settings allow you to expand chats to as many as 100 friends.


This is a separately downloadable app. Take a photo. Enhance it with up to 13 different free filters including Lomo. Choose from 5 photo themes: Featured, Place, Weather, Food and Lifestyle. Edit location and stories or captions. Place watermarks anywhere on the photo. Share it with WeChat friends, on Moments, email or social media networks.

Here's one I did. I chose a photo I took at the event and enhanced it using the Sunny filter and the Weather theme.

 Edit 'Favorite Messages'

You know already that messages left by other WeChat friends can be favorited by you. But here's more. You can now edit and add new content to these saved messages in any way you want.

Register with Email Address

With version 5.1, you can now register on WeChat using an email address.

Gmail Contact Integration

This gives you the ability to link your Google account to WeChat, find out who else is using WeChat, and add them to your friends list.

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