Saturday, July 13, 2013

Unlimited Viber services are exclusive with Globe Telecom

Viber and other VOIP (voice over internet protocol) apps are slowly gaining ground and eroding revenues of telcos from calls and texts. In the case of Viber, one can send free text messages, photos, videos, share locations and make free, HD-quality calls on iPhone, Android Windows Phone, Blackberry, Windows, Mac and other devices over 3G/4G or Wifi.

I use Viber a lot. If I am on wifi, why should I even send a text or make a call when I can contact people via Viber? I've also sent pictures using Viber while inside the messaging feature. It is so convenient instead of sending an MMS or emailing a photo. This is besides all the emoticons and stickers available to Viber that make chatting even more fun. And the best thing about Viber? I am not constrained by networks. For as long as the one I wish to contact is on Viber, we can communicate!

But...when I am NOT on wifi, how can I still use Viber if I need to contact people all day? I could subscribe to an unlimited data plan. But that costs around PhP 50 a day. I could choose another data plan for less but that either caps me at a fixed data plan or I can only connect for a few hours.

Globe has recognized this shifting habit in its subscribers and has gone into an exclusive partnership with Viber. Unlimited Viber without wifi or additional data charges is now possible through an exclusive partnership with Globe.

At a recent launch, bloggers got to meet Talmon Marco, Viber's CEO. He talked about how the Philippines, being a text and social media capital, was ripe for just such a partnership. Together with Globe's Peter Bithos, Globe's Senior Adviser for Consumer Business, Marco laid out exactly how prepaid subscribers could use Viber with Globe prepaid offers.

Option #1: GoUNLI25

This only costs PhP 25 and is valid for 1 day. Once subscribed to GoUNLI25, prepaid subscribers can connect to anyone who is on the Viber network, whether in the Philippines or abroad. Messages, calls, photos, videos, stickers and more are all free for the duration of the promo. In addition you still get the features of the previous GoUNLI25 such as unlimited calls and texts to Globe/TM.

To subscribe, dial *143# for free on your Globe phone. Choose GoSAKTO (#1). Next, choose NEW! GOUNLI25 (#4).

This is the final menu before you subscribe to GOUNLI25.

GOUNLI25 also has variants for 3, 7 and 30 days. Use GoSAKTO, choose "Call, Text and Surf" option as well as "Create a Promo". Then select the UNLIMITED option for both calls and texts to Globe/TM. Depending on the number of days you select, you will be presented with 3 different price (see slide below).

Option #2: VIBER20

Subscribers who want the full Viber experience (unlimited Viber calls and chat) without the unlimited calls/texts to Globe/TM can avail of this promo. For only P20 a day you get access to Viber's high-definition voice calls.

To subscribe, text VIBER20 and send to 8888.

Just one caveat for prepaid subscribers who wish to avail of these promos. Regular internet rates will be charged any time you connect to the internet outside Viber. In case you are using a smartphone that pushes notifications and email to you or in any way sends alerts upon connecting, you need to have these TURNED OFF while on the Viber promos to ensure that you do not get charged regular internet rates upon connecting to the internet.


  1. i tried this unliviber but then it wont work on my phone, its an s3 mini same with galaxy y. can u give an advise why it wont work? but with wifi it can..

  2. i tried this unliviber, but then it wont work on my phone, its an s3 mini same with galaxy young.. can u give an advise why it wont work? but with wifi i can.

  3. same here. after subscribing, i tried to send a message using viber but it's till prompting me to turn on my wifi connections in order to proceed.

  4. Yep. Without proper instruction this feature is useless. Can't figure out how to make it work without Wi-Fi.