Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sneak Peak at a Samsung-driven Convergent Future Home at SM Appliance Center

Can you imagine a future home where you can control just about any home appliance remotely, wirelessly or from another gadget/appliance?

That is not far off. In fact, it is already HERE!

I was able to see for myself the real possibilities of a truly wired and connected home when I visited the SM Appliance Center at SM Makati where the S-Path, the epitome of a Samsung Convergent ecosystem, was unveiled. Samsung has really been leading the pack in the convergence arena and it will not be long before this will become de facto. Most gadgets and appliances will be "talking" to each other and data/photos will be flying to your family and friends even before they get to see you in person. You can monitor your home remotely, turn appliances on and off before you get home, print documents wirelessly and more. It has already began as we saw with some of Samsung's appliances and devices.

A mock-up of a real home was presented to us at S-Path. We walked through the home office of a ''father, then through the kitchen and dining area where the 'lady of the house' met us, then lastly through the living room where we met the 'son' and his entertainment system.

The S-Path at the SM Appliance Center in Makati

Samsung and SM execs get the tour of Dad's wired office
Dad shows off his wireless printer, laptop-cum-tablet, and other gadgets wirelessly connected

Dad's Samsung S4 controls his Samsung Smart TV remotely

Mom is proud of her Samsung washer/dryer, microwave and ref. I would be too, if I were her.

Samsung airconditioner with wifi, controllable remotely

Son plays video games on his Smart TV using hand gestures

The Samsung S4 controls the speakers' settings

Visit Samsung's S-Path futuristic home and see the possibilities for total connection and control for your own home using different convergent appliances and gadgets from Samsung. You can check S-Path out at the SM Appliance Center level of SM Makati.

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