Sunday, February 3, 2013

Got my vanity number with Sun Cellular's Name ur Number sim

Last time I checked, special or vanity numbers in Greenhills Shopping Center went for at least P400. Well, guess what. I am now the proud owner of a vanity number courtesy of Sun Cellular's Name ur Number sim -- 09xx-xxx-JANE (5263).

And you can have one too for just PhP 59. Yes, your eyes don't deceive you. That is a very affordable FIFTY-NINE PESOS ONLY!

This prepaid sim already comes loaded with 200 texts to other networks, 200 SUN texts and 70 minutes of Sun-to-Sun calls valid for 5 days.

To get your vanity number, follow these steps:

1. Dial *249#. This runs a code on the system.

2. You are presented with 2 options: OPTION 1- to choose your own vanity number or OPTION 2-  to select from available numbers that will be presented to you. 

3. If you select Option 1 (to choose your vanity number), you will be asked to key in the LAST SIX (6) DIGITS that you want. Unfortunately, you cannot choose your prefix (first 5 digits).

4. The system will tell you if the number is available or not. If it is available, you get a message confirming that the number is yours; if it is not, you are given several numbers that have similar ending digits as the one you wanted but with different prefixes. If you find a number there you like, input the 1-digit option (not entire number).

5. In the event you really want a vanity number and none of the presented choices appeal to you, just press "Cancel" and repeat the entire process from Step 1.

NOTE OF CAUTION: Be very careful choosing your vanity number because you can only do this ONCE. Once the number is assigned to you, that's it!

Okay, go get that prized vanity number you've always wanted with Sun's Name ur Number sim.


  1. poor system and service... im disappointed to sun network

  2. bakit nga ganun ang sun nakaka dismaya