Wednesday, September 26, 2012

InstaPatrol: a citizen's reporting tool (updated)

"Unleash the inner reporter in you. Turn your mobile phone into a tool for change!"

That is the introduction you see on the FAQ button after downloading the InstaPatrol app (currently on Android; coming on iOS).

Harnessing the power of netizens with smartphones, this app was created precisely to allow netizens to take snapshots of whatever it is they want to call attention to, post it via this app, and tag the agency/ies involved.

Based on its writeup, the app's features allow you to:
  • Create a report using your phone that can be viewed by other InstaPatrol users
  • Share your reports with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter
  • Comment on the reports of other InstaPatrol users
  • Get notifications on the reports you post

Here are some screenshots:

Two ways to sign in

Thumbnails of reported incidents
(you can scroll down to see more)

Map is used to locate where you took the photo

Upload from photo gallery or by using camera to take pic

Add a caption to your pic
with option to share on your FB/Twitter

You can now tag the different agencies and organizations depending on the type of report you wish to make, as follows (taken from InstaPatrol's download site):

Alabang Bulletin - media, reports on Alabang and its surrounding areas
DOTC (MRT3) - anything MRT related
Anti Epal Movement - “Epal Moves” by politicians – mostly posters/tarps bearing their faces or names!
BlogWatchdotPH - report on any socio-political issue including election-related ones using #juanvote (new!)
DOH - health hazards (ex. dirty palengke, health center problems, etc.)
DSWD - street children, prostitution, vagrants
DPWH - road problems, potholes (lubak)
DILG - report a problem that your mayor should know about!
JournalisMO TV5 - media
Maynilad - pipe burst or leaks
MMDA - road accidents, traffic violations, flood, lazy or corrupt enforcers
PAGASA - live storm report or storm damage, flooding
Phil. Red Cross - disaster areas, flooding, rescue request
Skyway SOMCO - accident or traffic situation on the Skyway
YouScoop GMA7 - media

Technology has brought the power of citizen vigilance to the smartphones and it is now so easy for any citizen to be eyes and ears for transparency and good governance as well.

Download InstaPatrol for Android HERE.

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