Saturday, November 29, 2014

Samsung presents its fully automatic washing machines

Most people know the basics of doing the laundry. The first thing I learned was to separate the coloreds from the whites. All my kids know that as well as it was the first thing I taught them when they went overseas. Other tips I follow are hand washing my delicates instead of throwing them in the wash, putting socks in netted bags so they don't get separated, and pre-soaking and scrubbing stained garments before a wash cycle.

But there are other factors and they have an impact on your choice of washing machine.

* Did you know that the longer the boosting time of the machine, the more energy it uses? And of course, the more energy used, the more expensive it is for you.

* Did you know that the higher the temperature of the wash cycle, the more energy is wasted too?

* Did you know that too much mechanical action can damage fabrics?

* And lastly, did you know that too much detergent leaves residue that could damage fabrics? In addition, when that is flushed down the drain, it is harmful to the environment.

Taking all these factors in when choosing a washing machine can spell a lot of difference -- savings in electricity and water, increased efficiency, and less worn clothes. And when a washing machine is fast and efficient, Mom has more time to spend bonding with family.

Samsung showed us a line of washing machines that considers the varied needs of a family - small or large - while incorporating the newest technological and practical innovations in their washing machines. Here are 3 of their models.

Samsung's Fully Automated, Top Loading Washers

Two fully automated, top loading washers were introduced to us at the event.

If you've admired silver refs, just imagine that very same classy, premium silver color now on a washing machine! This is the Samsung Fully Automatic Top Load WA16F759

The WA16F759 features Wobble technology, which protects delicate garments by reducing friction. The Wobble pulsator's unique structure allows movement in a multi-directional flow which prevents tangles, twists and knots. A diamond drum is also an innovative feature of this model. It is uniquely designed so that even the most sheer fabrics do not snag or get damaged while being washed. A long, vertical Magic Filter traps all the lint floating around in the washer, even below the water line.

Diamond drum

Magic Filter

The WA16F759 has a digital inverter motor that results in more savings. And because Samsung makes sure it is durable and reliable, it carries a whopping 11-year warranty.

This heavy duty washing machine comes in 3 variants: 12kg (PhP 27,995), 13kg (PhP 32,995) and a whopping 16kg (PhP 36,995).

The other fully automated, top loading washer is the WA75H4000HA, a 7.5kg all-in-one washing machine.

This model is different from other washers I've seen. The ActivDualWash features a dedicated wash sink with a built-in side water jet that fills up from the top side instead of from below, filling the dedicated sink as well as the rest of the washing machine. It can be started and stopped just by pressing a button. A rubbing board, similar to the laundry boards during our lolas' time, is convenient for those who still want to hand wash some delicate or soiled clothes before putting them in the washer for a normal washing cycle. It also features the diamond drum inner body.

The WA75H4000HA also has Wobble technology and carries an 11-year warranty as well. It retails for PhP 17,995

Samsung Fully Automatic Front Load Washer

The Samsung fully automatic front load washers have two innovative technologies built into them - the EcoBubble Technology and the Stain Away Program.

The 7kg WW70H fully automatic front-loading washer

The EcoBubble Technology allows even distribution of detergent, penetrating fabrics better than liquid detergent. That means detergent dissolves faster, even in cold water, saving energy consumption costs. With less residue, less water and rinsing cycles are also needed. The Stain Away is a pre-programmed cycle with settings designed specifically to address common household stains in fabrics such as cocoa, blood, tea, wine, coffee, makeup and grass. Working with the EcoBubble Technology, the Stain Away lets stained fabrics go through a special bubble soaking stage. Frothy bubbles penetrate deep into the fabrics' fibers to loosen dirt and stains so that they come off the fabrics. It also features the diamond drum inner body.

This model comes in 2 variants: The WW70H (7kg) washer retails at PhP 38,495 while the WW60H (6kg) variant retails at PhP 31,995. It also runs on inverter technology and has an 11-year warranty.

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