Thursday, July 10, 2014

Deezer expands Smart's music portfolio even more

Recognizing that Filipinos really love music, Smart has teamed up with premium music streaming service Deezer to bring over 30 million songs in its library to Smart's postpaid subscribers.

Deezer is an app available on Google Play and the App Store. It is also on the web ( so you have access to Deezer on your computer or via your mobile phone.

With over 30 million tracks in its inventory, Deezer offers the music lover a wide range of genres to choose from. My son is a Beatles fan and at the blogger launch, he was saying that other music streaming apps didn't cut it for him because they didn't have Beatles songs. Well, what do you know. Deezer does! And he spent a good part of the night with the headphones on, listening to different songs he'd pick out from Deezer's vast music database.

Here's more from Deezer that you'd find interesting.

* Music Recommendations from Music Editors - this combines the best of man and machine recommendations made by Deezer's 50 music editors worldwide together with its smart algorithms. By studying your music choices, it can recommend to the user music that is personalized to his/her music taste.

Spotlight on Local Artists - Deezer doesn't just offer the music of global artists. It has releases from local artists such as Rico Blanco and Christian Bautista, among others, in its offerings.

* Smart Caching on Mobile - Deezer keeps tracks you most frequently listen to cached on your mobile device automatically. No need to mark them as available offline. This means that even in areas where signals are poor, the music streams instantly. It also prolongs battery life and lowers mobile data consumption.

* Offline Mode - sync favorite albums and playlists to your mobile device and listen to them even if you are not connected to the internet.

Initially, Deezer is available to Smart's postpaid subscribers but prepaid subscribers, hang on because it will be announced soon.

There are different ways to subscribe to Deezer.

1. Unlisurf Premium Plans - this bundles Smart's smartphones with a free Deezer Premium+ subscription for 2 years, unlimited surfing with LTE, free calls and texts to all networks.

At Plan 1175, you can get a Sony Xperia M; at Plan 1675, the Nokia Lumia 1020; and at Plan 2175, the Sony Xperia Z2 or the Samsung Galaxy S5.

2. For existing postpaid subscribers, there are various Deezer Music Packs that come with a free Deezer Premium+ subscription.

Deezer Daily - PhP 25 (1-day Deezer access + 25 SMS + 10MB mobile data for Deezer streaming
Deezer Weekly - PhP 125 (7-day Deezer access + 125 SMS + 50MB mobile data for Deezer streaming
Deezer Monthly - PhP 250 (30-day Deezer access + 250 SMS + 100MB mobile data for Deezer streaming

As an exclusive bonus for early subscribers, Smart is also giving to those who sign up for any of the Unlisurf Premium Plans a PhP 175 bill rebate for 6 months.

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