Friday, June 20, 2014

Smart Bro Dashboard: Manage your budget and data usage better

It always pays to listen to your subscribers and get their feedback.

After a lot of listening, planning and tweaking, the first phase (beta) of the Smart Bro Dashboard was launched at a blogger event yesterday.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Samsung's Industry Business Solutions Center recently unveiled

This is a heads-up for industries in the healthcare, retail/hospitality, education and office/banking/finance industries. Samsung just recently unveiled their new Industry Business Solutions Center located at Campus Avenue, McKinley Hill.

Bringing together Samsung's products and software that build on convergence, current digital technology and productivity, the center is a showcase of all the possibilities that these industries can now avail of.

I joined a tour around the Industry Business Solutions Center and here is what is already available.

The Center greets visitors with a huge video wall which can show individual windows, each showing a different set of information, or it can become one huge wall showing an enlarged view of a map, traffic situation, weather information or anything else. Video walls are very good in what many refer to as "war rooms" -- those centers that are used for disaster monitoring, strategy mapping, command centers.