Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Samsung unveils the world's first curved UHD TV

The backdrop of the launch was as theatrical and exciting as the products being introduced. From a modern family setting that featured different ways of enjoying the 2014 product lineup of Samsung in family entertainment, we were treated to a Roman gladiator performance at the Blue Leaf event hall, where Samsung unveiled another world first - the Samsung Curved UHD TV.

This angle really shows the curvature of the UHD TV

Back view of the Curved UHD TV
An FHD (or Full High Definition) screen is usually 1980x1080 on a 16:9 aspect ratio. If that sounds too techie for you, just think -- this is the native resolution of Blu-ray. Now comes UHD (Ultra High Definition) which is 4x more powerful than an FHD screen, with a change in perspective that makes images seem larger and more true-to-life.

If one were to compare this to the flat screen TVs we are all familiar with, the curved TV actually gives a more realistic viewing experience from all angles. The curvature, combined with Samsung's Proprietary Auto Depth Enhancer UHD technology, automatically adjusts contrast for greater depth and 3D-like effect without those bulky 3D glasses. I tried walking around the TV sets at the launch and true enough, the picture was very clear with no distortion at any angle.

The Samsung Curved UDH TV has a very easy, user-friendly operating system. The multi-link screen feature allows dual screens to process separate tasks. You can also open multiple entertainment portals. Doing these don't slow down processing speed because the Curved UHD TV runs on an upgraded quad core processor, the Quad Core Plus, which allows quicker navigation and navigation through tasks and commands.

The Samsung Curved UHD TV is available in the following sizes: 78", 65" and 55" and can be found in all Samsung outlets nationwide. Expect to pay around PhP 300,000 for the entry model all the way up to about PhP 500,000 for the high-end model.

This TVC was show at the media launch.

For their 2014 product lineup other than the curved UHD TV, Samsung included the following features:

1. Internet capability - perfect for those who want to be entertained while on social media

2. Family TV feature with Screen Capture and Sound Capture - family members can instantly capture their favorite moments on TV for personal viewing in the future

3. Soccer mode - greater viewing experience  of sports with zoom in feature, auto and manual highlight, and ability to record select moments throughout a game

4. ClickPlay - the only Philippine video-on-demand app with Hollywood content

5. NewsOn - a page powered by Yahoo PH

Samsung also has a new audio product -- the ultra slim HW-H600 SoundStand -- a complete audio system wireless connected to a Samsung smart TV.

Because it is slim and sleek, SoundStand easily fits even in small spaces around the home and provides surround sound effects powered by Multi-Direction technology. SoundStand can be paired with 32" up to 55" Samsung smart TVs.

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