Friday, May 16, 2014

1Password 4 for Android is on open beta testing!

Android users, rejoice! A leading password manager, 1Password by AgileBits, has an open beta test for its 1Password 4 for Android.

(screenshot courtesy of AgileBits website)

Being a 1Password user for many years, I don't hesitate to recommend this leading password manager to my family and friends. They have iOS, Mac and Windows versions. All you need to remember is ONE master password (Note: The master password has to be something you can remember because it has no "Forgot Password" feature. You forget it, you lose your info inside). But once you're logged in, you'll find the safety features really outstanding: strong encryption; ability to auto-login from 1Password or copy-paste the password; categories; vaults (lets you put passwords in different vaults where each vault has its own sync, sharing and password settings); and a new Watchtower feature in the Mac version that alerts you to passwords that have not been changed in a long time, weak passwords or passwords at risk.

But being an Android user, I long wondered why 1Password only had a reader app for Android devices and not a full version. So a few days ago, I tweeted them asking about the full version. 1Password came back to me saying they were still working on it but meanwhile, I could join as a beta tester.

Well, I did and I must say, it has been working beautifully so far. No hiccups!

So, do you want to join the open beta testing? It's really easy.

Just go to this site to sign up using an email address:

You will get your first email asking you to confirm your email address by clicking a link. Once that's done, you get another email to go to a download site.

As an Android beta tester, you get the full version effect. You can also give feedback on a beta tester forum. You will also get emails from 1Password related to the beta testing.

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