Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Samsung launches its PRO Series with two variants

For my bad eyes, BIG is BETTER.

That's exactly what the PRO series by Samsung Galaxy featured when it launched the 12.2" Galaxy Note PRO and the 8.4" Galaxy Tab PRO. Both variants boast of a WQXGA display with 4 million pixels for crisp, vibrant color display.

The Galaxy Note PRO is HUGE!!! At 12.2" of screen real estate that is less than an inch shy of my 13" Macbook Air's screen! It runs on an Octacore processor and has an 8mp rear camera and a 2mp front camera. It comes ready with 32GB internal storage, upgradable to 64GB with a memory card. It runs on a 9500 mAh battery. Wow, really powerful. I'd need to upgrade all my power banks if I had this one! And of course, like the Note 3 smartphone and the Note 10.1 tablets, the Galaxy Note PRO has the S-Pen and the same features.

What a wide, wide, wide screen area!
Because it is that big, the Multi-Window feature is really neat to work with -- imagine 4 windows open simultaneously without putting a strain on your eyes. Watch a video or movie on one window, have your social media network in another and still have 2 windows for work-related stuff.

That's an iPad Air on top of the Galaxy Note PRO. WHOA!!!

The Galaxy Tab PRO is head-to-head with the iPad Mini at 8.4" of screen area. It's actually a lot easier to hold because unlike the iPad Mini which is a tad wider, Samsung kept the width of the Tab PRO such that it can be held with one hand. Instead, the Tab is taller to achieve the 8.4" dimension.

Armed with a 2.3Ghz quad core processor, the Galaxy Tab PRO has an 8mp rear camera and a 2mp front-facing camera. It has a 16GB internal storage capacity, upgradable to 64GB with a memory card. It has a 4800 mAh nonremovable battery, probably the only thing I don't like because I always want a removable battery which I can later change once it starts to run down.

Still easy to hold but look at that screen! Reading my ebooks will be more fun now!

My S3 and Note 2 have the Multi-Window feature but I never activated it because really, cutting those screen sizes in half would not have allowed me to work comfortably with 2 apps. Not so anymore with this Galaxy Tab PRO. Dividing the screen into 2 still makes for great working because of the much larger display area.

Samsung is also introducing, with the Galaxy Note PRO and the Galaxy Tab PRO, Hancom Office -- an application intended for creating office documents, much like Microsoft Office, allowing you to create and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations on the go.

For those of you who hate lugging around a laptop (even if it is as light as my Macbook Air), you'd love the Galaxy Note PRO. It has a laptop-sized display and for sure, the keyboard will be big enough for the biggest fingers. And for people like me with bad eyes but who want portability, the Galaxy Tab PRO is perfect. I can do everything from social media engagement to blogging to spreadsheets, if I want to with this one.

The Galaxy Note Pro will retail at PhP 36,990 while the Galaxy Tab Pro will retail at PhP 18,990.

Let me end with this light video on the series.

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