Friday, March 28, 2014

Collaboration on the cloud with the partnership of PLDT SME Nation and Samsung Electronics

The tarp at the event read “Today, only 14% of Filipino small to medium enterprises have an online presence. By 2016, 75% will be online.

A very bold prediction indeed.

But who says it isn’t possible when the event was meant to announce the solid partnership of PLDT SME Nation and Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation (SEPCO) to bring future-ready solutions for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). PLDT First Vice President and Head of SME Nation, Ms. Kat Luna-Abelarde), told those present that the synergistic partnership with Samsung meant offering an array of high-speed myDSL Biz broadband packages and flexible cloud bundles combined with Samsung’s newer gadgets.

Entrepreneurs running SMEs need a lot of collaboration with their colleagues. Because of their nature, the SMEs usually are located not only in major cities but are also found in places farther away from the urban areas and closer to the communities they serve. Bringing raw materials from the source to the factory or work place often entails a lot of travel time and requires connectivity in between. Collaboration among raw material suppliers, laborers, management, sales teams and sales outlets is also necessary to ensure that bringing the product from source to store has no hitches along the way. This is where cloud computing comes in. It is an enabler for collaborating, creating and working on the cloud.

The partnership includes PLDT's internet connectivity with speeds up to 15 mbps, committed information rate (CIR) and static IPs plus the complement of the use of Samsung gadgets that provide optimized productivity.

Six bundles are being offered to SMEs by this partnership and each SME has the option to select its bandwidth requirements starting from 4-15 mbps, rates between PhP 4,000-25,000/month, and an array of Samsung gadgets.

Basic Packages:

1. Elite Bundle - comes with a Samsung 3-in-1 wifi laser printer, UPS or hard drive
2. Max Bundle - comes with a choice between a Samsung Chromebook or Galaxy Tab 3.7

Higher bandwidth packages have a wider range of office equipment and gadgets.

1. Max Plus Bundle - choose from the IP Cam, Samsung 3-in-1 wifi laser printer, UPS or hard drive and a Samsung Chromebook or Galaxy Tab 3.7. Or pair the Samsung Chromebook or Galaxy Tab 3.7 with a Website Bulder Bundle or Cloud Storage Bundle.

2. Max Turbo Bundle - lets consumers pick from Samsung's 32-inch Wifi Smart TV, Large Format Display (LFD) or the Note 10.1, and an IP Cam, Samsung 3-in-1 Wifi Laser Priter, UPS or Hard Drive. Optionally, one can also choose to pair the Cloud Storage Bundle with an IP Cam, Samsung 3-in-1 Wifi Laser Printer, UPS or Hard Drive.

SMEs, no matter how big or small, now have options from among all these bundles that can fit their need to collaborate, create and work on the cloud.

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