Thursday, February 27, 2014

Contest: #EpsonforMoms Labelworks and PictureMate Printers

(Note: I'm hosting an Epson contest with either a Picturemate PM245 or a LabelWorks label printer as giveaway so please read the entire post.)

I've always connected the brand Epson with printers. And we've had our share of printers at home -- from the very simple and cheap desk printer I had beside my computer to the all-in-one printer that the whole family shared at one time to the wireless printer that we currently have. So when the SoMoms were invited to an Epson for Moms event, I was the first to sign up. Were we in for a huge surprise because the products we were introduced to that day were meant to turn ordinary into extraordinary!

Monday, February 24, 2014

PSHS Launches its First Samsung Smart Classroom

As a geeky parent who has experienced just how heavy school bags can get (and they weigh a ton!), I totally embrace the growing concept of shrinking school material into ebooks and portable devices such as tablets.

So when I got an invitation to the ribbon-cutting ceremony of Samsung's first smart classroom in the main campus of Philippine Science High School (PSHS), I did not hesitate to say yes. After all, PSHS is where you'd find some of the country's most gifted student-scientists who are well known for their skills in math, science and technology.

At the Advanced Science Technology Building, one of PSHS's main campus classrooms was renovated completely to house a fully digital and interactive learning environment filled with the latest in Samsung's technology solutions for learning. Not only did Samsung provide the hardware inside this classroom but they also provided the software platform upon which the learning tools ran.

Plaque right outside the smart classroom

Sunday, February 9, 2014

WeChat 5.1 is here with more games and features

WeChat, one of the top 3 searched apps in the Philippines, recently introduced us to their app version 5.1 and they come with more games, enhanced features that support both iOS and Android platforms, expanded group messaging and customized photos that are shareable.