Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Globe introduces affordable Tattoo LTE broadband devices

As my friend Noemi and I were approaching the Globe Tattoo LTE event, we were met by this really fancy orange car. Of course, being a woman who has no idea what models these cars are, I simply ooohed and aaahed at how fancy, sporty and expensive it looked. It was covered all over with Globe's decals announcing the arrival of their Tattoo LTE devices and clearly, on it's door was a brave announcement that LTE speeds go up to 42 MBPS.

It was only when I sat down inside it for a once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity to actually sit inside these thingamajigs that run into cool millions that I saw the model. Yes -- a Lamborghini! I beat my car-loving son to the punch!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Get Gadgets and Internet Connectivity with Smart's Gadget Plus Postpaid Plans

Most postpaid plans now can get too complicated for us. There is the Monthly Service Fee (MSF) but when you buy the plans with gadgets, there is a separate layer on top of the MSF that represents the amortized cost of the gadget also charged to you. To many subscribers, this can get confusing.

At the same time, the habits of telco subscribers are morphing already such that more and more are connecting to the web in different ways. So now, Smart is packaging a group of postpaid plans where you won't need to get separate devices and a data plan. Smart just launched its postpaid Gadget Plus Plans that combine a laptop or tablet with Internet connectivity (the Pocket WiFi can be shared to up to 10 people) in just one affordable package with an all-in price. You don't even need a credit card to get these plans.

Here are their different plans and the gadgets that you get with them. Take note: Each of these plans comes with a gadget, a wifi device, and an Anti-Bill Shock feature so that you can easily budget your spending on internet connectivity. The plans also come with a certain number of free surfing hours.

Plan 499

Acer Iconia B1 + Pocket WiFi

This is a great starter plan you can give your kids or for yourself if you are on a tight budget. It allows you to go with a very low plan while still being able to go online.

Plan 699

Choice of Alcatel T7HD, Starmobile Engage HD, HP Slate 7 OR
Huawei MediaPad Youth 7" plus a Pocket WiFi

Plan 999

More popular gadgets are packaged with Plan 999 including the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1" which comes with a Pocket WiFi or any of 2 laptops that come with a Power Plug It (Samsung ATIV Book 2 or Acer Aspire V5 122P Touch, a laptop with a touchscreen).

Plan 999 now also includes the popular Samsung Galaxy Note 8 bundled with a Pocket WiFi!

Plan 1299

Same laptops as Plan 999 except that Pocket WiFis are bundled instead of sticks
and the Samsung ATIV comes with a WiFi Printer as well

For Plan 999 and Plan 1299 there is a one-time fee that goes with subscription (check the flyers).

Anti Bill Shock Feature

As you can see in each of these flyers, each plan comes with a gadget (either a tablet or laptop) and a SmartBro device (either a USB pocket wifi or Power Plug It stick) with free surfing hours. Each plan also has a ceiling for surfing hours. Once you hit that ceiling, surfing becomes unlimited and you are capped at that amount for surfing. This is the Anti Bill Shock Guarantee.

Here's a table to show how Anti Bill Shock works:

Let's say you are on Plan 499 which comes with 30 surfing hours. Once you reach 30 hours, all succeeding surfing hours are billed to you at P5 for every 15 minutes. But.....when you reach a total of 65 surfing hours within the month (additional 35 surfing hours amounts to P700), you are upgraded to unlimited surfing already and the P5/15 mins billing stops. That means your bill is capped at P1,199 only (Plan 499 + P700).

These plans are great alternatives to the unlimited data plan of P999 because it allows flexibility in surfing habits. On months when surfing is not too heavy, your lower data plan allows you to save money. But when your surfing becomes extensive and heavy, you have the Anti Bill Shock feature to cushion your expense.

The Anti Bill Shock feature kicks in automatically. No need to subscribe to it. So just keep on connecting knowing that your plan has a built-in capping mechanism.

To apply for the Gadget Plus Plans, just go to selected Smart Stores nationwide or order from the Smart Online Store (smart.com.ph/store). Also visit smart.com.ph/bro, call (02) 672-7277 on landline, or dial *888 for existing Smart subscribers.