Monday, June 17, 2013

Globe levels up its postpaid plans by introducing its best-ever MySuperPlan

You'd think a Globe MySuperPlan could not get any better. It just did...

The operative word, I think, in this newly launched best-ever MySuperPlan of Globe's is... CUSTOMIZATION. Now, subscribers can choose plans with plan values that are almost twice what they pay for. Each plan now comes with a corresponding 'peso value' (PV) based on the value of prepaid load. This PV can then be converted into a combination of call, text and/or surf services, free or discounted gadgets, and a monthly consumable amount for even more calls, texts and surfing.

I went to to try it out. Here's a sample plan I designed for myself:

Step #1: I clicked on the link "Create My Plan" to begin.

Step #2: I was presented with a choice to customize first my plan, select combos or choose gadgets. I went with a customized plan first.

Step #3: Each plan had a monthly PV allocated to it. I chose Plan 999 which came with a PV worth P1,700. This PV is what I'd use to personalize my plan as well as choose the best combination of consumables, combo services and gadgets according to my working habit.

Step #4: With a PV of P1,700, I began choosing options that fit my active lifestyle. I do a lot of surfing so the Unlisurf option was my first choice worth P999. Next, I got 20 minutes worth of All Globe Calls for P100 since this would just cover the few times I'd have to make calls from my phone. Lastly, I chose All Net Text for P100 which would give me 125 texts for a month to all networks. This is what my Plan Meter now looks like.

Step #5: I had the option to choose a gadget with no or minimum cashout with a contract period of my choice (options were no lock-up period, 6, 12, 18 and 30 months). In my sample plan, I opted not to get a gadget but instead chose a plan with no lock-up period. 

Step #6: Next step is to choose boosters. Boosters are unlimited services that can be changed on a monthly basis, depending on one's needs. In my sample plan, I decided to forego choosing one.

Step #7: At the homestretch, I am presented with my plan summary. Out of the PV of P1700, I only chose P1,199 worth of combos, leaving P501 as unused PV which is automatically converted to a monthly consumable amount that can be used for calls, texts and mobile surfing services.

At this point, I can still edit my choices and go back to change some options. But if I proceed, I am brought to a page where personal subscriber information can be captured and processed by Globe.

It's that easy! And you can really see that with every plan you actually get almost twice the value you pay monthly through the different combos, boosters and gadgets. This does away with the way most telco postpaid plans were structured before - fixed, inflexible and oftentimes, ends with you paying more than what you actually used up.

The best-ever MySuperPlan also includes Unli Plan as well as the new Family Plan that allows from 3 to 11 lines under one account.

Find out more about the best-ever MySuperPlan by visiting or any Globe Store nationwide. You may also call 730-1010. Ask also about the No Billshock policy that ensures postpaid subscribers of Plans 999 and lower never get billed beyond P999 a month even if they exceed their data subscription.

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