Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Flickr now gives you one terabyte of storage and more

Have you ever used Flickr to store photos before? I have. I began with the free version but when I maxed out the 200 photos it could show at any one time, I decided to buy Flickr Pro ($24.95) for 2 years. Flickr had a great photostream widget for blogs and I loved it.

But somewhere along the way, I stopped using it. There was Facebook.

But now, there is a huge reason to reactivate my Flickr account. You now get FREE one terabyte of storage!

If you still have your old Flickr account, it works. I just logged on to my old one and immediately got a notice that I had 1 terabyte worth of storage. Wow! Of course, new sign-ups get the same storage too.

And what is new?

User interface - Flickr has an entirely new interface. The homepage shows you pictures recently uploaded by your contacts. For every contact, you see one photo enlarged with 4 other thumbnail photos on the lower left corner in case you want to browse more photos of that contact. You can now put a cover photo and a high-resolution profile pic as well.

Full resolution photos - Flickr saves everything in its original file size. No shrinking of photos. No cramped formats. How many photos can fit into a terabyte? A WHOLE LOT!!! And...Flickr now comes with FILTERS!

Better sharing and sync-ing features - Just upload a photo once and it syncs to all your devices. Send to any friend or follower too. Fickr is an app on both iOS and Android platforms. For iOS, download the app HERE. For Android phones, download the app HERE.

Social features added - Friends and followers can now like and comment on your photos, making it even more fun to share.

This summer, snap photos and upload to your heart's desire. It will be a long, long time before you run out of space on Flickr. 

To begin a new and exciting Flickr experience, click HERE.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Smart Announces its iPad 4 and iPad Mini LTE Plans

If you have held off this long from buying an iPad 4 or an iPad Mini, with wifi and 4G, you may no longer do so once you check out Smart's new LTE plans for both devices.

At a press briefing at Smart's Jump Center inside SM Megamall's Cyberzone, the LTE postpaid plans were unveiled.

The best thing about all these plans? Smart is slicing off a whopping P8,000 discount on all postpaid plans on Plan 999. The 16GB iPad Mini, for example, is only P13,990 (after discount). The 64GB retina iPad 4 is only P31,990.

On the other hand, Plan 499 carries an anti bill shock feature. After the free first 65 hours of internet connection, it defaults to the P10/30minutes charging. But when your bill reaches P999, you will be shifted to unlimited surfing. So no matter how long you surf, you only pay a maximum of P999 a month.

Here is a synopsis of the plans (taken from Smart's website):

iPad Mini

* Plan 999 subscriptions on a 24-month lock-in period come with unlimited 3G/4G/SmartLTE usage monthly and a charge of P999 a month (until service is terminated) on top of a one-time payment for the device made in cash or using a credit card with option for a 12-mo interest-free installment with participating credit cards.

*Plan 499 subscriptions on a 24-month lock-in period come with 65hrs of 3G/4G/SmartLTE usage monthly and a charge of P499 a month (until service is terminated) on top of one-time payment or option to pay in 24 months amortization for the device. 

Anti Bill Shock Feature: Beyond the 65 hours, default charging is P10/30 minutes until you reach a maximum amount of P999 a month. Upon reaching P999, you will already be able to do unlimited surfing.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Nokia launches its Lumia 520 and Lumia 720

Before inheriting my first Android phone from my husband, I had always been a Nokia user. From my first Nokia 2110 in the early 1990s to the last Nokia E71 which I still carry around with me because I just love its QWERTY keyboard, I have always had a Nokia mobile phone. The menu drilldown was very user friendly and easy to learn.

Then somewhere along those years, Nokia changed business strategy and it turned out to be a grave misreading of the mobile market. Nokia's market share began to nosedive and it was a big question whether they would survive for much longer.

But their current Lumia line of smartphones seem to finally get it. And that makes me happy. Finally, I think the Lumia series is how Nokia is going to be truly back in the ballgame. I have had the chance to use hubby's Lumia 720 a few times and was really impressed with how improved in terms of usability, richness of features, and feel-and-look Nokia has become.

They have 5 variants of the Lumia now. At the lower end of the spectrum is the affordable 520; in between are the 620, 720 and 820; and for the professional there is the 920. At the most recent launch, the Lumia 520 and the Lumia 720 for the chic and social were launched.