Friday, August 17, 2012

Samsung's Digital Home Appliances

It seems like my digital life has become so intertwined lately with Samsung. And yesterday, I fell in love with this...

Okay, hubby, I know we are NOT yet in the market for a ref because we still have a fairly new ref but, but, but....I want THIS!!!!

Actually, my personal journey with Samsung started many years back when my first computer monitor was a 17-inch Samsung monitor which eventually gave way to a bigger 19-inch one. Then a few months ago, I inherited hubby's Samsung Galaxy Note which he found too large for his pant pockets. And by a lucky twist, it was not after that when I won the Galaxy SIII in a raffle at Globe's press launch of the phone. I've also had the chance to be introduced to Samsung's line of cameras in blogger events.

But what really got me excited out of all my Samsung encounters was an invitation to my very first ever  Samsung Digital Appliances event. What made it more meaningful was that it included inverters -- something that my husband and I had already been thinking about.

You see, he bought an inverter aircon unit for our small office and it impressed him that a few months after that, the office's electricity bill dropped significantly. We were already discussing replacing our home aircons one by one when this event came by. Just in the nick of time!

In a home set-up at Hotel Intercontinental, I got my initiation into the world of Samsung's digital appliances, as introduced to us by 4 lovely fashion icons-cum-full time celebrity moms.

Daphne Osena-Paez, producer and host of several popular lifestyle shows, who is now known for her brand of jewelry, linen and furniture introduced us to her Samsung Digital Microwave and Samsung Digital Refrigerator.

Daphne shows off the Samsung Digital Microwave
The Samsung Digital Microwave features a ceramic enamel cavity to prevent rust while being anti-scratch and anti-bacterial.

Daphne shows off the to-die-for Samsung Digital Refrigerator

Wow, look at all that space!!!

A pop-out door so kids can get their cold snacks and drinks without opening the main ref door

Amanda Griffin now lives in Hong Kong and she is in that beautiful mommy-to-be state so household chores need to be very convenient for her. She uses the Samsung Digital Washing Machine, a fully automatic one that gets the wash going with just one press of a button. The Eco Bubble technology can save up to 70% more energy. That is music to my ears!

Amanda Griffin talks about her Samsung Digital Washing Machine

Rissa Mananquil-Trillo has worn many hats over the years: columnist, supermodel, teacher and president of a prestigious modeling association. 

Rissa Mananquil-Trillo loves her bedroom which has a Samsung Digital Airconditioner

For Rissa, the Samsung Digital Airconditioner's Smart Inverter Technology efficiently uses electricity. Imagine, up to 60% more efficient. If that kind of efficiency can bring my bills down even by 30-40%, I'd be happy! The Digital Airconditioner also has a Virus Doctor technology that immobilizes and deactivates bacteria, then turns it into water vapor to provide a steady flow of cool, clean air. This feature I like because with kids who have grown up with asthma, the quality of air in their room from the airconditioner is something I pay attention to. I regularly chaige the filters inside the airconditioners in our home.

And one of my favorite celebrities (because she is also a yogini) is Tessa Prieto-Valdes who introduced us to the Samsung Digital Vacuum Cleaner.

Tessa Valdes with Samsung Digital Vacuum Cleaner

Blue vacuum cleaner

Red vacuum cleaner

Tessa and "Yaya" (in the background) told us that unlike other vacuum cleaners that only have one chamber for dust and dirt, the Samsung Digital Vacuum Cleaner has Super Twin Chamber technology. This means you can vacuum much longer before emptying out the chambers. And because it is fully digital, it adjusts the suction to adapt to any type of surface.

What caught everyone's eye and amusement as well was a black, round object on the floor that I initially thought was a digital bathroom scale. Nope, it wasn't. It was a robot vacuum cleaner called the NaviBot. This device can clean hardwood surfaces as well as carpets! We were all so amused as they showed a demo of NaviBot. It could actually detect when it reaches edges (like stairs) and stops just short of keeling over. Check out my short video to see how it works.

For me, my all-time favorite was this ref.

This has a water dispenser on the left side of door!

First drawer

Second drawer

Lastly, check out this 3-horsepower standing airconditioning unit. Elegant! This thing will look great in the living room even as art decor. This powerful aircon unit is perfect for people with huge living and dining rooms.

A 3HP black beauty airconditioning unit

Samsung's digital appliances hit me both ways - as a homemaker looking for practical gadgets that spell convenience and lower electrical costs and as a geeky lady who fancies gadgets and technology.

Now to look for my financier...

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