Sunday, August 19, 2012


Look at this. I saw this being tested by a blogger at a recent event. Can you guess what it is?

All you have to do is touch the middle part and this is what you get.

Meet the Mutewatch - a digital watch that can easily pass for a mere bracelet. 

It turns on when you touch the middle part. Or just turn your arm 90 degrees and the movement activates the watch to turn on. The Mutewatch lets you set an alarm. Yes, you're limited to just one alarm but it can be set to go off daily at the same time. It's also got a Timer mode and is charged by plugging it into a USB port. According to the blogger who was using the review unit, it runs 2-3 days on a full charge.

Watch this video.

I saw boxed versions of the Mutewatch at Digital Walker in V-Mall. This comes in 2 variants: Charcoal Grey (which is shown above) and Poppy Red (below).

I was thinking this would be great for frequent commuters who are afraid that their watches could be a target -- till I saw its selling price, PhP 12,950. Wahhhh!

At the moment, I do not know if this kind of watch will really appeal to yuppies as it commands a hefty price and does not really do much except show the digital time. No days of the week either. My smartphone can do so much more than this gadget.

But maybe it will appeal to fashionistas who want to be different. Who knows?

The Mutewatch is available at all Digital Walker stores.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Zodio: Asia's First Social, Location-Based, Search and Reviews App

If you think Foursquare is cool, you have to check out the potential of Zodio, a newly launched social, location-based search and reviews app.

Available on iOS and Android devices, Zodio is meant to cater to the Pinoy/Asian culture and preferences. According to Zodio's Community Manager, Mark Bantigue, Zodio is being released initially in the Southeast Asian countries but will eventually cover North Asia like Japan, Korea, Taiwan, etc.

I downloaded the app on my Samsung Galaxy SIII and the home screen was a very clean presentation of blue and orange. The blue boxes represented information about yourself, your friends, your feed, bookmarks, recently visited sites and a follow box. The 3 orange boxes in the middle are action-based: write a review, find places nearby, and the check-in option.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Samsung's Digital Home Appliances

It seems like my digital life has become so intertwined lately with Samsung. And yesterday, I fell in love with this...

Okay, hubby, I know we are NOT yet in the market for a ref because we still have a fairly new ref but, but, but....I want THIS!!!!

Actually, my personal journey with Samsung started many years back when my first computer monitor was a 17-inch Samsung monitor which eventually gave way to a bigger 19-inch one. Then a few months ago, I inherited hubby's Samsung Galaxy Note which he found too large for his pant pockets. And by a lucky twist, it was not after that when I won the Galaxy SIII in a raffle at Globe's press launch of the phone. I've also had the chance to be introduced to Samsung's line of cameras in blogger events.

But what really got me excited out of all my Samsung encounters was an invitation to my very first ever  Samsung Digital Appliances event. What made it more meaningful was that it included inverters -- something that my husband and I had already been thinking about.

You see, he bought an inverter aircon unit for our small office and it impressed him that a few months after that, the office's electricity bill dropped significantly. We were already discussing replacing our home aircons one by one when this event came by. Just in the nick of time!

In a home set-up at Hotel Intercontinental, I got my initiation into the world of Samsung's digital appliances, as introduced to us by 4 lovely fashion icons-cum-full time celebrity moms.

Daphne Osena-Paez, producer and host of several popular lifestyle shows, who is now known for her brand of jewelry, linen and furniture introduced us to her Samsung Digital Microwave and Samsung Digital Refrigerator.

Daphne shows off the Samsung Digital Microwave
The Samsung Digital Microwave features a ceramic enamel cavity to prevent rust while being anti-scratch and anti-bacterial.