Thursday, July 19, 2012

MRTtrackr: the social train tracking app is now on open beta

If you frequently take the LRT/MRT lines in the Metro, you may want to join the ongoing open beta testing of the MRTtrackr app.

I actually first heard of this app on Twitter (where else?) when a friend posted a blog link. I eventually went to MRTtrackr's website, added it on Twitter (@MRTtrackr) and applied to join the open beta.

MRTtrackr, developed by Ryan Escarez, covers the following mass rapid transit lines in the Philippines:

LRT-1 or Yellow line - runs between Roosevelt Station and Baclaran Station
LRT-2 or Purple line - runs between Recto Station and Santolan Station
MRT-3 or Blue line - runs between North Avenue Station and Taft Avenue Station

The app provides information on the train's itinerary as well as estimated crowd levels in each station. This last feature I like a lot because having taken the MRT many times, I appreciate knowing when the coaches are fairly empty or crowded like a sardine can.

What I like about the features from what I see now is that it is not a one-way app where information is fed to you. Instead, it is meant to crowdsource information through a Report feature so that commuters can feed information on real-time basis and can be used to update the app.

Here are screenshots taken from the Google Play site to give you an idea of what to expect.

Home screen (note Report feature)
Easy visuals on crowd levels per station

Real-time estimates of arrival times of trains

Awesome! Must be GPS-based!

Plot your route

Map of all 3 transit lines

Information screen

Info on operation hours

I downloaded the app into my Galaxy SIII and Galaxy Note from Google Play but could only go only as far as the login page for connecting to Facebook. So I am waiting for the open beta invite which may solve this issue.

Android users can already download the app and apply for open beta. According to the people behind MRTtrackr, the iOS version is coming.

MRTtrackr is eager to have more users test the app. To apply for open beta, go to


  1. On "Easy visuals on crowd levels per station" >>> How can you have an ETA of 23 minutes?!

    1. Hi, the eta is indicated on the screenshot is based on the sample data that we did during our testing. We're in beta stage now, information on our website and google play will be updated soon. Thank you for your understanding.