Monday, April 2, 2012

Samsung Smart Camera WB150F

Wifi cameras are the rage now and if I did not just buy a digicam a year ago, I would go for one now. Imagine how convenient it is to take a picture and immediately post it on Facebook, Twitter or send it via email to a friend. Of course I can do that with smartphones but how many of them have the resolution of a real digicam?

Recently, I was at the launch of Samsung's Smart Camera WB150F. Ok, don't ask me about their naming convention for this model because I.DO.NOT.KNOW.WHY.IT.IS.NAMED.THAT.WAY. Next time I've got a chance, I'll ask Samsung.

One caveat. This post is NOT a review because I only got to hold it on launch date. Hopefully, I may get a chance to play around with it and see how it compares to my present digicam.

Still, what I saw in terms of physical looks and software features looked very interesting. Let's start with how the WB150F looks from the outside.

Almost like a DSLR! Plus WIFI!

You're looking at a digicam with 14 megapixels, an 18x optical zoom, 3.0" hVGA LCD display, and 24mm wide angle lens.

Now, lets see some of the features that I checked out.

Social Sharing: Take a pic and share immediately on these social networking sites
from any WIFI hotspot

I wanted the picture taken of me sent to my email address using the WIFI feature but despite trying 2 different email addresses and several login attempts, my password was not being recognized. I guess I just was not used to the input method which the camera was using, which was to use the arrows to navigate around the letters and type one character at a time. Oh well...that was a minor fluke.

Magic Frame: Frame your subject in different themed frames

Picture in Picture: That's me in the inset!

Here's a video I took of the Live Panorama feature. Basically you start at one point, press the shutter button down and keep it there while panning. A window shows you how much farther you can go panning. Once the progress bar is full, release shutter button and the panoramic shot is taken. Of course, this doesn't beat a shot taken with a panoramic camera. If your hands are shaky, this panning way of getting a panoramic shot will show blurs in certain areas.

The Artistic Brush feature lets you take a picture, then apply different effects to it like Cartoon, Sketch and Ink Painting. Look what the guy demonstrating did with his picture of me.

The WB150F has other interesting features as well:

* Split Shot - take 2-3 different shots and they come out as one picture side by side, either horizontally or vertically arranged

* Motion Photo - Capture a moving subject while freezing everything around it

* Mobile Link - Install the app on your smartphone

This smart camera is retailing at P11,990 and will be available nationwide.

Lastly, just enjoy this video of one of the Samsung Smart Camera WB150F celebrities, Ashley Rivera (who's better known on YouTube as Petra Mahalimuyak) as she demonstrates some of the camera's features. Gosh, this pretty lady is funny!

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