Monday, February 27, 2012

MiLi Power Packs: Juice when you need it most

If you're like me -- mobile most of the time and often on the net -- you don't want your device to die down  at the worst time possible.

My Samsung Galaxy Note is a great device to have but its AMOLED screen, plus my constantly being online, drains its battery very quickly. I can't last a whole day out of the house even with a fully charged battery.

Now, that's no longer a problem because I have a MiLi power pack - the Power Star, to be exact.

2000 mAh capacity

The MiLi comes with a USB charging extension cable

The larger USB cable is for charging from laptop;
 the micro USB cable is used to charge your device

LED power indicator

How it looks when fully charged - 4 LED lights

Charging my Galaxy Note

How charging looks up close
I would guess that for smaller smartphones and devices, this power pack can probably juice you up to more than 50% from below 10%. However, because of my Note's battery requirements, I have so far gone up to around 40% from below 10% on a fully-charged power pack. So I bring the Note's charger around with me as well and use the MiLi for real emergencies.

The MiLi Power Star power pack currently retails for around PhP 1,700.


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