Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Taxikick App: Report that taxi now!

If I can help it, I would never take a cab. And if I have to, I always do so with a friend. Why? Well, I've just had too many experiences with cabs that drive like they are the king of the road to taxis that snub you during rainy days or refuse to take you if they think the route takes them through heavy traffic. And I have heard horrific experiences from my own friends too that give me the creeps.

Well, it looks like our days of suffering in silence while abusive taxicab drivers run shod over us is over! At least that is what the Taxikick app is all about.

Taxikick is currently a web-based app found at http://taxikick.com. It is actually very simple:

1. Enter the taxi's plate number.
2. Choose the violation from a dropdown menu.
3. Enter taxi name and any additional comments *
4. Review your report one last time.
5. Click the button "Kick this taxi!"
6. The report can be shared via Twitter too.

* optional but will help LTFRB and MMDA

All kinds of cab violations can be reported including refused boarding, choosing passengers and even smelly interiors or absence of taxi details.
Dropdown menu listing possible violations

According to the About section of the app, all reports will get forwarded to the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) and Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) at the end of each day.

Taxikick is still in beta but already, several reports have been submitted via the app. It has over 500 followers already on its Facebook page. You may follow @taxikick also on Twitter.

Maybe when it really takes off, the people behind Taxikick can develop apps on different platforms (iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc) so that people with smartphones and mobile devices can submit reports more easily on the fly.

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  1. mauubos ang taxi dahila lahat sila ay kupal