Monday, April 25, 2011

Why a Tech Blog

Yes, I finally did it.

After including tech-related blog posts in my lifestyle blog, The Philippine Beat, I felt that it was time to give it a home of its own where I can write about anything I discover about apps or gadgets in my world.

Just a bit of background.

I grew up a left-brainer.  Accounting and IT Consulting formed the better part of my entire working life. Even when I gave all that up to be a full-time Mom who eventually discovered the joys of blogging, the love of tech never left me. I'd read up on the latest gadgets, software, and computer accessories available. Not as if I could afford to buy them all the time.....

As a full-time blogger now, I've armed myself with what I call the "tools of my trade". I use a Macbook for hardcore writing, an iPad (my shoulders' savior as I need not lug my heavier Macbook around when I need to go to blogger events and fora where all I need is to access social network sites & do minimal typing), a Xacti videocam and a Canon S95 digicam. My phones are all 3G-capable. My home is entirely wireless. And yes, two of my kids are more computer-literate than me.

Welcome to my tech world! I hope to be able to share what I discover in terms of gadgets and apps (and a bit of other techie stuff) through this blog.

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